Book Challenge: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 1]

“We all detest problems, but problems are the reason for every improvement we make. Problems quicken your wit. Problems stiffen your spine. Problems force you to think outside the box. A problem is an opportunity to step into new dimensions of accomplishment” – John Hagee

Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities [Lesson 1]

1. Every promise is customed designed in heaven to help us journey through the problems of life and receive the supernatural provisions available for each problem we encounter.

2. If sorrow makes us shed tears, faith in the promise of God helps us dry them.

3. We must discipline ourselves to anticipate problems because they have a way of showing up when you least expect them.

4. Don’t complain about God’s provision; it may not be what you want, but its exactly what you need.

5. There are conditions to qualify for God’s provision.

6. When you reject the man sent from God, you are infact rejecting God. God rules through delegated spiritual authority.

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