ON CHARITY PART 4 – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Oghogho

We started looking at scriptures that tells us to pursue charity above other virtues in the previous module.

We shall continue that line of discussion in today’s module.

Let’s look at the testimony of Apostle Peter on this.

1Peter 4:7-9

4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

4:8 And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

4:9 Use hospitality one to another without grudging.

It is important to note that this letter written by Apostle Peter to believers in his time was not divided into chapters or verses.

It was one whole piece of continuous writing.

So when he said ‘above all these things’ in verse 8 of the 4th chapter of 1Peter, he is referring to the things he has been talking about from chapter 1.

He wanted them to have fervent charity among themselves above all other things he was talking about.

He wanted a demonstration of charity among believers above everything else they practiced.

We saw this in full demonstration in the early days of the church and many believers were sincere in this practice.

However we also read about Ananias and Saphira his wife who tried to abuse the practice.

Unfortunately, many believers today will fall into this wrong category and this is really sad.

Apostle Peter gave one major reason why believers were to have fervent charity among themselves.

Charity covers the multitude of sins.

Charity won’t count the wrongs but will cover them.

We are to wear or put on this attitude or virtue of charity such that it becomes difficult for us to respond to others according to their wrong or according to what they deserve.

Again I like to draw our attention to the fact that God’s love already embedded or shed in our hearts helps us to demonstrate such charity (Romans 5:5).

Apostle Peter tells us we are to in charity use hospitality towards one another.

In ancient times being hospitable was usually an integral part of their culture.

Up till few decades ago, hospitality was also part of many cultures in Nigeria until a rising wave of human deception, lack of integrity, insecurity and other vices tremendously impacted our hospitable culture negatively.

However we still can’t ignore the requirements of scriptures that we should express charity through hospitality.

We can always find ways to obey this admonition in scriptures in the times we live in.

We can verify the identity of those involved, help others with food, comfort and shelter without necessarily bringing them into our home, etc.

The bottom line is that charity must be put on by us so much so that it becomes visible like the clothes we put on.

This is our call!

To be continued….

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