#BookChallenge: Understanding Grace – Ikechukwu Peter Nnajiofor

The book, Understanding Grace by evangelist Ikechukwu Peter Nnajiofor, seeks to give a more vivid depiction of what Grace is, and also to correct various misconceptions that pertains to Grace as a subject. The book is made up of eleven (11) chapters, with each dealing with various dimensions of Grace.

Moreover, we would be taking note on the first lessons from the book – Understanding Grace.

LESSON 1 – Understanding Grace

1. The Grace of God is both a personality, and an attribute of God that showcases the very love of God for all Humanity.

2. No man carries Grace, but Grace carries us.

3. Grace is not meant to cover sin but to empower us to live above sin.

4. Grace does not oppose works, but it produces works, and such works are not attributable to man’s effort but God’s inward workings.

5. Grace is expressed as a Person and a condition.

God bless you.

You can purchase a copy of the book by contacting the author via Facebook, by using the link below:


#BookChallenge #UnderstandingGrace

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