THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 14) – Olumide Fatunsin

Ben staggered as he reached for the main door while holding his head. Debby helped him and locked the door after him.

Before Lisa could rant again, they heard a gunfire.

Charlie screamed out of fear, Debby jumped on the sofa but Lisa stood still blocking her ears with her index fingers.

After a while, Charlie broke the silence that had enveloped the house by singing one of his favourite songs,

“Rain…rain…go away, come again another day, big Charlie wants to sleep…rain…rain…go away.”

Debby rolled over and began to laugh hysterically and started singing along with him.

However, Lisa stood still and began to sob. She then sat down with her head bowed in anguish.

They stopped singing when they knew Lisa wasn’t in good mood. Charlie sat beside his mother and hugged her. Debby also sat on her right side to comfort her.

“The gunfire was from the festival in the neighborhood.” Debby declared.

“I know!” Lisa responded and cleaned her face.

“For how long are you going to grief over your past?” Debby asked.

“You won’t understand my plight. You don’t understand what it means to be married.” Lisa quipped.

Debby looked at her as if Lisa has hit her Achilles’ heel.

“I may be getting older but I know all will be well. I know my redeemer lives and cares for me.” Debby responded calmly.

Charlie stared at them and asked them a question.

“Can you please give me water to drink before I contribute to your discussion?”

His mother went to bring a glass of water and gave it to him. He drank the water and placed the glass cup on the table.

“Ladies and my humble gentleman, the time is five minutes past 11. Let’s go and rest for the night.”

He smiled and hurriedly left for the bedroom while the women looked on as he climbed the staircase.

“He is becoming mature day by day.” Debby said with a broad smile.

“If only his father were here today?” Lisa said sorrowfully..

“All will be well.”

“How? You have been saying it always and what’s the result?”

“God will take control.” Debby reassured her.

“Away with your religion.”

“Lisa, consider what I have been telling you. This is the only truth that can save you.”

She stared at Debby for a while and continued,

“Why has your God not given you a husband?”

Debby didn’t reply but smiled.

“We are agemates but you are still single. Don’t tell me there is a God who would help me but abandon my friend without a husband. How? Tell me…” Lisa added.

Debby patted her back and prayed that God should speak to her. Lisa rose up and went to the kitchen to drop the glass cup.

As soon as she came out, Debby picked her bag and rose up to go but Lisa persuaded her to sleep over because of the rain.

As they climbed the staircase, Debby narrated her experience in the office that day and about the good news of going to a conference.

“My boss and I will be travelling to Argentina next week.”

“Wow! That’s great! So, for how long will you be staying there?”

“Five days!”

Lisa stood at the door after Debby had sat on the bed.

“Enjoy your sleep and take care.”

Debby smiled and wished her the same. Lisa closed the door and went to her bedroom.

After four hours, Debby suddenly woke up when she heard Charlie screaming. She rushed to their bedroom and knocked on the door.

“Lisa…Lisa open the door!” Debby cried out but nobody answered.

“Charlie…Charlie… Charlie open the door!” She knocked repeatedly but no one answered.

Debby became agitated and thought for a while on what to do. She bent low and peeped through the keyhole. There was no one on the bed except the duvet and a novel.

Debby rushed downstairs but they weren’t there. She checked the main door and the other rooms but there was no trace of them.

She went upstairs again and then…

To be continued in Episode 15.


Olumide Fatunsin

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