MEN SIT DOWN – Dr. Paul Enenche



  1. Marriage is an institution of God ordained for the good of man (Gen. 2:18)
  2. There is something far better than being single, and that is marrying the right person
  3. There is something worse than being single, and that is marrying the wrong person
  4. Marriage to the right person is one of the closest experiences to a heaven-on-earth lifestyle
  5. Successful marriage is both workable and possible
    If the men sit down, the wife and children will follow suit

The destiny of the home is on the head of the man; the future of the family is resting on the head of the man; the outcome of the home is predicated on the head of the man


  1. Take the lead
    Take the lead means set the pace and be the true symbol of authority
    Being a male is a matter of birth but being a man is a matter of responsibility – Ed Cole
    1a. Take the lead in true spirituality as the priest of the home
    1b. Take the lead in Kingdom service/in the service of God
    The easiest way for you to know that a man’s love for you will continue is if his love for God is hot
    1c. Take the lead in exemplary masculinity
    Show your son who a real man should be by your exemplary masculinity
    Show your daughter who a real husband should be by the marriage exhibited between you and their mother
    1d. Take the lead in care and provision for the house
    Don’t enjoy asking madam for credit for your phone
    Never become comfortable with madam picking your bills, appreciate her profusely when she does and when God changes your story give her the arrears of all the love that was due her
    Never enjoy the situation where madam is the breadwinner
    1e. Take the lead in friendliness and communication
    Let your presence be the most exciting of any mortal’s presence to your wife
    1f. Take the lead in vision and diligence
    Let your wife and children learn hard work from you
    Don’t marry a visionless man; if you follow a man going nowhere he leads you nowhere
  2. Strategize and plan (Luke 14:28)
    Be a strategic man; don’t be planless
    Be organised and composed
    Nothing is dynamic until someone is strategic
  3. Be stable
    Be stable and composed
  4. Calm down/slow down
    Take time with your wife and children
    Take your wife and children along with you
    Don’t have time for everybody else except your wife and children
    Take time to sit down and let madam pour out her mind to you
    Lift her up in prayers and in affection
    One of the things about love is that it is not theoretical, it is highly practical
    The emotion of love must lead to physical motion
    Man, make that ‘girl’ in your house feel like the best wife in the world by the quality of your emotion and actions

Father, preserve the male seed of our generation and of our world. Father, deliver the male from the strategies of the enemy to waste the male seed. Father we ask tonight for the full restoration of masculine destiny for every man here. Let it be Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, help every single here tonight and everyone connected, related and associated to marry the right person and to escape the wrong person. Father, give us a visitation for every single in the house tonight, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, help every couple in the house and every couple connected, related and associated with this program and online, to be the picture of the home You want, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we pray for finances in the home. Every demon of scarcity and demon of dependence of men on their wives and every power of empty-handedness in families, you are arrested now! Father, we make demands on supernatural supplies for every home, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we make demands on fruitfulness on homes, every family here represented shall be fruitful. Every spirit of barrenness and fruitlessness in the homes tonight, is your end, your yoke is broken, GET OUT NOW, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we pray for the children in the families here represented and we decree that no child shall be a wayward child or be a concern to the parents. Father, rescue and restore the children now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we pray for everyone that is single again, we pray for Your intervention, direction, help and establishment of these lives; the elderly singles, settle them between now and the next meeting and give us a testimony, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Any man tied down with the spirit of poverty and ignominy and shame, today, that yoke is broken! From today, you will be the husband of your wife!
  • Every man that the devil is trying to mess up, the fire and unction of this commission is arresting that satanic agenda now!
  • Every man here, your wife and children will celebrate you! Your community will celebrate you!
  • Today is a new day!
  • For every man whose finances are challenged, under 7 days, God will give you a surprise!

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