I salute the courage, the humility, the meekness, the patience and the strength of character of Papa Adeboye. He was the one who COMMISSIONED Papa Oyedepo into ministry in the year 1981.
By that act, we can say he is the Spiritual Father of Papa Oyedepo.
That relationship has lasted for 40 good years today.

Some Spiritual Fathers would have lost that relationship in the year 1985 when the same God led Papa Oyedepo to submit to late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
Papa Idahosa became the Father we know.
Papa Idahosa was the one who consecrated Papa Oyedepo a Bishop in the year 1988 and also consecrated Bishop Abioye a Bishop in the year 1993.

In all these, the relationship of Daddy G.O with the Winner’s Family was still very much intact.

When I joined Winners’ Chapel as a Member, January 1996, I came to know Papa Idahosa as the Father of the Ministry.
I was in most services at Raji Oba, Iyana-Ipaja when Papa Idahosa visited. He was referred to as the Spiritual Father of our Father.
At this point, Daddy G.O was a Mentor to Papa Oyedepo.

I was pastoring as a Full-Time Pastor in Winners’ Chapel, Buguma, March 1998 to be precise, when we heard our Spiritual Grand Father has gone to be with the Lord.

Myself and My Pastor 1 stayed back in church that day and cried, knowing the relationship that existed between our Father and the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, his own Father.
When you consider the relationship of Papa Oyedepo and Daddy G.O, you will see a relationship with so much lessons that the present day church Leaders in Nigeria need to learn.
If it were to be some current Leaders with their ideology on the subject matter, the relationship would have long died a natural death, because of unholy control.


  1. That you commissioned a man into ministry does not mean he cannot have ANOTHER Man as a Father in ministry. Papa Adeboye did not go about saying “I commissioned him and he said God asked him to go and submit to “Idahosa”.
    Some current Fathers would have lost it at this point. They will tell you: he used me and dumped me’.
    If you are in ministry today from Nigeria, and you don’t have the humility of Daddy G.O, your pride is actually trans-generational.
  2. Daddy G.O respected and accepted the leading of Papa Oyedepo to Submit to Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Some present day Fathers will tell you: ‘as long as you are relating with me, you cannot relate with any other Father’.
    So many Fathers have lost good Sons because they can’t stand a father-figure around who they call their own Son. Daddy G.O did not go about preaching “you cannot have two Fathers, I am your Father, you can’t relate with Archbishop”.
    This is where most Fathers also miss it. Nobody actually have two Fathers, when they no longer want to submit, let them go.
    You see, it is better for who you call your enemy to honour you than who you call your son to dishonour you.
    When an enemy honours you, it makes people to believe in your innocency and integrity.
    But when a Son dishonours you, it makes people to doubt your integrity as a Leader.
  3. Daddy G.O accepted and recognized the consecration of Papa Oyedepo as a Bishop. He did not go about saying: ‘I am a Pastor, why must you go and become a Bishop’.

Do you know how many Fathers today have lost good sons, just because the son chose to be ordained a Bishop, a Rev., a Prophet or an Apostle.
Dear Father, please learn to seperate your fatherhood covering from what God tells your sons to do, because they will be accountable to God and not you. Some things you don’t like as a Father is what God will tell them to do, because you are not their Caller.
It is not the title you bear but the fruit of humility you possess that matters.
I still prefer to relate with a very humble Bishop than relating with a proud Pastor. Always check the FRUITS of HUMILITY the Tree produces and not necessarily the NAME the tree is called.
There are some Ministers’ Conferences you attend, from the beginning till the end, the whole message is centred on how some people went to take Bishop, some took Apostle and some are even bearing Prophet!.
We were told in scripture, He gave some Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers. “God gave some, and not you gave some”.
He who desire the office of a Bishop; you are not the controller of people’s desire.
As long as a man is not working under your church, you can’t control his desires and decisions.
Don’t be changing your title to suit the DIFFERENT Fathers you are having.
You don’t need it. Today you are Rev Dr, tommorow you are Bishop-Elect, the next time we see your handbill, you have now become Prophet Dr. The day your head is calm, you will just put Pastor only.
You are suffering from IDENTITY CRISIS.
Let all Fathers be like Daddy G.O, who even though a Pastor, yet watches over sons who are Archbishops, Bishops, Rev, Apostles, Prophets etc.
Who is even a Bishop? A Bishop is not higher than a Pastor. A Bishop is a Servant, a Supervisor, a Caretaker or an Overseer. Forget all the political Bishops we have in Nigeria, they don’t understand the Biblical Meaning of a Bishop.


  1. Obeying God at all cost, no matter what anyone feels about what God asked him to do.
    It was God who led him to Daddy G.O for the ministry to be commissioned. He obeyed that command from Heaven.
    The same God later led him to Archbishop Benson Idahosa, he still obeyed.
    There are people who can’t obey God because they don’t want to offend Man. ‘How will he feel?’, is the reason why we can’t fullfil destiny. Let people feel what they want to feel, you just be sure God is feeling happy with you.
  2. As long as the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa was alive, he referred to him as a Father and Daddy G.O a Mentor.
    Don’t be forced to call two people your Father at the same time, because you don’t want to offend the one that is not your Father.
    Just know who God directed you to and stay connected, irrespective of how anyone feels.
    Once you call a Man your Father, no matter the mantle or giftings of other Men of God, they can’t be called Father. They are your Mentors.
    The Father/Son relationship is like the relationship that exists between husband and wife. You can’t have two at the same time. It must be only one as long as he or she is alive.
    For we have many instructors in Christ but one Father.
  3. All the men Papa Oyedepo has ever referred to as his Father or Mentors, all identified with him openly as their son or protegy. They were/are all playing their roles as a Father or Mentor to him.
    Daddy G.O with Mummy Adeboye worshipped with the Winners Family yesterday, in celebration of the 40 years anniversary of the Ministry.
    I watched it online, where I heard Papa Oyedepo said: ‘Kenneth Copeland is already on ground to minister Monday evening’.
    The truth is that if God directs you to a Father and you also understand the Principles of Honour, you will have unhindered access and acceptance, anyday and anytime.
    But if you get carried away with all these big names in town and call them Father, they know you are not their Son. So in good times and challenging times, you will not see them around you.
    You saw the way Papa Oyedepo and Papa Idahosa related and how he is now also relating with Daddy G.O. That is how the Father and Son Relationship should be.
    If it is not going that way, It means the son is forcing himself to be fathered and the father is not accepting the son or the father also is forcing himself on the son and the son is not accepting to be fathered by the father!.
    May God raise for us, more kingdom minded men like Daddy G.O and Papa OYEDEPO.

Thanks for reading.

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Delta State.

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