FIND SOMETHING TO DO – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Proverbs 22:7) The rich rule over the poor, the borrower is slave to the lender.

Happy Workers’ Day. Today is set aside to celebrate workers all over the world. I join in celebrating the workers, who are contributing immensely to the growth of the nation’s economy. As we mark today, it is pertinent to note that there is dignity in labour. The Bible tells us that God worked for six days and rested on the seventh day. God worked and is still working. If God Almighty worked and is still working, why should a man be idle? Idleness is not of God. It is a thing of joy for a man to wake up in the morning and go to work. There is dignity in labour.

From the Biblical account of creation, Adam, right from the creation, was given the responsibilities of taking care of the Garden of Eden (read Genesis 1:15, 19 & 20). Part of man’s purpose on earth is to be productive, and to be productive, man need to work. The day a man stops to be productive, he begins to die. When a man fails to work, poverty would be his landlord. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

The dignity of labour is the philosophy that all types of jobs are respected equally, and no occupation is considered superior and no job should be discriminated on any basis. Regardless of whether one’s occupation involves physical work or mental labour, it is to be held that all jobs deserve respect. There is dignity in labour, therefore do not be ashamed of your occupation. It is better for you to do menial jobs and feed yourself than to beg others to feed.

My dear, God does not throw money from heaven, He drops ideas and people put the ideas into productive use and make money. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says “…If anyone will not work, let him not eat”. An adage says, “Do something or something will do you”. Beloved, a beggar is a slave. But once you can feed yourself and your family, my dear, you are a rich man. Therefore, go and look for something to do. Happy Workers’ Day. I celebrate you all.

Meditation: When a man fails to work, poverty would be his landlord.

RM: The Impact of Grace

Prayer: Lord, fill me afresh with your grace and bless my handwork. Direct my steps to get something meaningful. Also bless the works of my hand in Jesus name. Amen.

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