#BookChallenge: Praying Successfully – Charles Spurgeon [ Lesson 4]


1. Turn your adversity into your advantage by pleading God’s command. When you are in adversity, call upon God, and you will experience a deliverance that will be a richer and sweater experience for your soul. Adversity produces an occasion for the display of divine grace.

2. The Lord is always punctual. You are in a great hurry, but God is not. Your trial may not have yet worked all the good for you that it was sent to do, therefore it must last longer. God wants to refine you by turning your adversity into your advantage.

3. Your part is to call upon God, and it is God’s part to answer. It is the person who calls that will get the answer. It is God’s business to deliver, and not our business to know how He would do it.

4. When you have prayed, leave it to God to fulfill His own promise. If you tremble or doubt, why did you pray to God in the first place?

5. Give God the glory for your deliverance, or else you will be degraded by ingratitude.

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