SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the dividends of walking in wisdom

The person who walks in wisdom walks in profit and the one who walks devoid of wisdom walks in the realm of losses
The way of wisdom is the way of good; Wisdom gives an inheritance; Wisdom brings profit (Eccl. 7:11)
This also means:
The lack of wisdom is bad; The lack of wisdom can deny you your inheritance; The lack of wisdom can bring you losses
Scriptures make it clear that the one who walks in wisdom walks in profit and the one who walks without wisdom walks in losses

1. Wisdom brings rulership (Prov. 8:15-16; 1Pet. 2:9; Rev. 1:6; Gen. 41:39-41)
Wisdom enthrones people
Our destiny is a destiny of rulership; Redemption has made us rulers (Rev. 1:6)
Every realm of life that God has ordained that you rule and reign, it is wisdom that puts you on the throne
The way of wisdom is the way into the Kingdom
Wisdom puts you over but the absence of wisdom puts you under
Whether you are over or under is a function of wisdom
The throne was available for Joseph but he didn’t sit on it by prayer, luck or faith; he sat on it by wisdom

2. Wisdom brings increase and abundance (Gen. 41:39-44; 1Kings 10:23; 2Chron. 9:22; Ezek. 28:4; Prov. 16:16)
The way of wisdom is the way of increase, abundance and wealth
The whole of the wealth of Egypt was put under Joseph by the wisdom of God
Anywhere there is wisdom, wealth is at home
When mentality increases prosperity increases; when strategy increases struggle decreases; supernatural sense will bring supernatural supply
There is a wisdom to have to conquer riches
When light comes glory rises; when you shift in revelation, you can shift in manifestation (Isa. 60:1)

3. Wisdom brings strength (Prov. 24:5; Job 12:13)
All-round strength is a function of wisdom
Anywhere you find wisdom, there you find strength; wise people are never weak people
When the wisdom of God is at work, you can never be weak mentally or emotionally because you are connected to superior light

4. Wisdom attracts Divine Presence (1Sam. 18:14; Gen. 39:2, 21; Acts 10:38)
The Lord is close to the wise and far from the fool
Carriers of Divine wisdom are commanders of Divine Presence
God with a man equals the Anointing; so walking in wisdom can increase the Unction (Acts 10:38)
When you walk in the Wisdom of God, anywhere you step people feel God

5. Wisdom brings distinction (Eccl. 8:1)
Wisdom is the doorway to stardom in the Kingdom
Any realm you are found, the wisdom of God causes you to stand out in the face of your contemporaries

6. Wisdom brings peace and tranquillity (Prov. 3:13-17; 1Kings 5:4)
Mentality undergirds tranquillity
The way of wisdom is the way of peace; the way of wisdom is escape from stress
There is an easy way to know when wisdom is lacking – it is when there is abundance of tension
If you are in a business endeavour or pursuit and you are surrounded by pressure, it means that either God is not in it or the wisdom to run it is lacking
The Wisdom of God refers to access to the Mind of God, direction from God and insight from God

7. Wisdom brings victory and forbids defeat (Eccl. 7:12; 9:18; Luke 21:15)
When you possess the wisdom of God you become too defended to be defeated by the enemy
Even though wars are fought with weapons, they are won with wisdom (Eccl. 9:18)
One word from your mouth can handle the adversary of your soul

8. Wisdom brings promotion (Prov. 3:35)
Wisdom is behind supernatural liftings
Wisdom is the way out of stagnation and frustration
Wisdom is the cure for demotion
When the fool is promoted it is called shame but when the wise it is

9. Wisdom brings favour and acceptance (Luke 2:52; Acts 7:10)
The way of wisdom is the way of favour, acceptance and opportunity
Wisdom travels in the company of favour; to be wise is to be favoured, to be unwise is to be disfavoured

10. Wisdom brings stability and establishment (Isa. 33:6; Prov. 24:3)
If you want anything to be stable, support it with wisdom
Insecurity and instability are the outcome when mentality is lacking

11. Wisdom brings preservation (Eccl. 7:17; Prov. 3:13-16; 3:21-23; 2:10-12)
Wisdom is a preserver and stupidity is a killer
Don’t live by sentiment, live by principles – the principles of wisdom

12. Wisdom assists leadership (Ezra 7:25; Gen. 41:34-39)
Wisdom increases leadership capacity

1. Whatever it takes to get at the Wisdom of God is worth the cost and the effort (Prov. 4:7)

2. The major access into the world of wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Job 28:28; Gen. 42:18; Ps. 111:10; Prov. 9:10)
The fear of the Lord is the highway to the wisdom of God
2a. The fear of God is existence with a conscience that is awake and alive (Acts 24:16)
When your conscience is not awake, wisdom is never in view
You may not be perfect but you must have conscience. It is conscience that makes you know that you are on the wrong path
The tenderness of conscience is the authenticity of Christianity
When you have a conscience that is tender, you step into the realm of the mind of God and the Presence of God
2b. The fear of God is existing with the consciousness of the eternal consequences of life’s actions (Eccl. 12:13-14)
Consciousness of consequence imparts caution to action (Eccl. 12:13-14)
Once the fear of the Lord is intact, then wisdom is guaranteed
2c. The fear of God is existence with an addiction for righteousness and an aversion for unrighteousness (Ps. 1:1-3; Prov. 8:13)
2d. The fear of God is existence with a healthy respect and reverence for the Person and principles of God

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I receive Your wisdom today in Jesus’ Name.

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