Be intentional, purposeful and time conscious in the pursuit of your life’s assignment – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

Everyone’s speed in life is largely influenced by the importance of what they are pursuing or the danger of what is pursuing them.
Refuse to company with the indifferent in the race of life.
Those who take it easy with life find it hard in life.
Those who refuse to fight mediocrity today won’t escape a fight with poverty tomorrow.
Those who play with time, pay with time.
Those who refuse responsibility today won’t escape mockery tomorrow.

Now see!
You didn’t accompany anyone into this world, you met all here. God sent you here to add value, colour and taste to existence. Never be too sentimentally attached to miss when to alight, disconnect or dissociate from toxic, esteem deflating and purposeless relationships.
This world needs you to be better!
The body of Christ needs you to advance!
Unbelievers need your testimonies to believe God!

Always remember, If you were not needed, you wouldn’t have been created, since you have been created, don’t allow your existence to be wasted!

The summary of all I have said is, be intentional, purposeful and time conscious in the pursuit of your life’s assignment.


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