1. A good follower must put his money in the hands of the one he is following for the work of the MINISTRY. Where your TREASURE is there your heart will be. If your heart is with the church, your treasure must be invested there.

2. A good follower will never abandoned or leave the one he is following. For a son abideth in the house forever.

3. A good follower is a fighter of the enemy of the man he is following. If they can speak against your father in your presence, you are not a true follower.

4. A good follower MUST KEEP the SECRETS of the man he is FOLLOWING. Even God has secrets. Deuteronomy 29:29. Secrets are given to Prophets but Prophet must commit it to the hands of those with the fear of God. The secrets of God is with them that fear him and he will show them his covenant. He who can keep the secrets of father’s, will enjoy covenant relationship with father’s.
It is better to be feared than to be loved. And Jesus also said to them at the mountain of transfiguration, see that you tell no one this vision until the son of man is revealed.

5. A good follower UNDERSTAND and practice the principle of HONOUR on a regular basis. Honouring your master FINANCIALLY and otherwise.

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