Pictures of Bishop David Oyedepo’s Apostolic visit to Irrua, Edo State

Bishop Oyedepo yesterday visited Irrua in Edo State with an impartation at Living Faith Church Irrua while also visiting the Palace.

According to Wale Omoseebi, the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCW) was at a memorial service at Irrua and Ewu yesterday in honour of late Mrs. Dorathy Ebhaleme, the wife of Rear Admiral Peter Ebhaleme Rtd.

He landed in his helicopter at Idunwele Girls Secondary Ewu from where he proceeded to Admiral Ebhaleme’s compound before proceeding to the deceased compound at Irrua for the memorial service.

On his way back he stopped by briefly at LFC Irrua, LFC Ewu and the Palace of the Onuije (King) of Ewu to be a blessing.

He then returned to Idunwele Girls Secondary School at around 2:30pm for his return flight to Canaanland.

It was a most prophetic august visit. The Bishop has since returned to Canaanland, Ota and ministered this morning at the Church’s daily Covenant Hour of Prayer as reported by Church Gist.

Pictures courtesy: Olumogba Akintunde

Courtesy: Church Gist

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