Honour men, respect men but never surrender your destiny to the endorsement of any mortal who’s not willing – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

Last week I saw online of a tweet by Wizkid to M.I about eleven years ago when M.I was the rave of the moment and Wizkid a nobody. The young lad indicated that he was a die hard fan of the later. All he sought was an attention from the one he looked up to as a mentor which possibly never came but that did not stop the young chap from pursuing his dreams and today, the table has turned.

Sometimes I feel those who have been made should with every sense of humility never forget that whatever made you did not stop with you, it’s still making others.

Now listen!
When you try to get someone’s attention who’s in your field and you are consistently ignored, refuse to be discouraged, demotivated or disenchanted. Refuse to allow their opinion, perception, words or attitude towards you break your spirit because you need it to sustain momentum, just leave them alone albeit temporarily and bury yourself in building yourself and your career/business/ministry as well as in developing your relationship with God.

There’s an unbreakable law of life that makes all diligent men to meet somehow, somewhere , someday at the top and you know what? No one controls this law. A day is coming, they will see you in the same place they had thought was exclusive if you don’t give up on yourself and your hustle.

Potiphar was once the master of Joseph but later on, they all met at the Federal Executive Council meeting of Egypt everyone in his own right. Life has a way of humbling men who where a toga of invincibility.

Honour men, respect men but never surrender your destiny to the endorsement of any mortal who’s not willing. Never compromise a place reserved for God for men.

This week shall answer well for you!
You won’t fail God!
You will not see reproach this season!

Meanwhile today’s four services were better experienced than explained.


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