THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 11) – Olumide Fatunsin

Josephine quietly closed the drawers and looked through the keyhole. The person she saw wore black trousers but none of his men wore such.

The look on her face showed a great danger was at the door. Josephine began to think of other way out until Anne began to knock on the door.

Anne was the daughter of Pascal who was kept in the underground room by her father. Pascal had locked her up for her refusal to join their illegal business. Though she was involved briefly, her friend warned her against it.

Anne knew their secrets and networking areas. However, the trouble began when she was forced to travel with a special group to Argentina. She had travelled to some countries too.

Anne has another plan but her father had a premonition. As soon as they landed in Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Buenos Aires, she pretended to go and comfort the station when she absconded.

Pascal had informed them to keep an eye on her but she still escaped. Anne hid in one of the hotels in the city but was unfortunately spotted by Amit, an old friend of Pascal who came to spend the night with a call girl. He was on the same floor with her.

Later, Amit called Pascal to inform him about Anne who looked troubled in Buenos Aires. Pascal immediately commanded his boys to look out for her at the hotel and feed her with bread of affliction for a night before bringing her home on the next available flight.

Eddy, a member of the group accompanied her to their base in Europe. When Anne was handed over to her father, she was locked up in the underground room. Pascal made sure no one knew her whereabouts until he made up his mind on what to do next.

Her freedom came when Blanco escaped from the room where he and Gordo were kept. When he got to the underground room, he found the room partially locked. With his hands tied, he forced his way inside using his legs.

Blanco saw Anne who was a bit exhausted sitting on the floor. He promised to help her if she could untie his hands. Realising a better way of escape, Anne looked at his eyes and saw deceit sitting on his pupil.

When she heard some footsteps on the staircase, Anne quickly hid behind the door leaving Blanco on his knees.

Paco entered in pointing his pistol at Blanco and told him to bow his head. With an empty bottle in her hand, Anne hit Paco’s head forcefully which made him to scream in pain. It was the cry that prompted Pascal to rush down to the underground room.

Anne took Paco’s pistol and hid behind the door. Immediately her father entered in, she locked them up and hid for a while behind the staircase.

Josephine’s heart was still beating fast in the control room when Anne cocked her gun. When Josephine realised what might happen next, she…

To be continued in Episode 12.

Olumide Fatunsin

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