#BookChallenge: Praying Successfully – Charles Spurgeon [ Lesson 1]

Praying Successfully, is a book authored by Charles Spurgeon, which seeks to unravel several biblical secrets which leads to a successful prayer life.

Moreover, below are the first lessons from the book;


1. God is not only God of the hills, but also of the valleys. He is the God of both land and sea.

2. Wherever you work, you can pray. There is no place to which you can be banished that God is not near, and there is no time of the day or night that His throne is inaccessible.

3. If you want to come out of your present gloom, I charge you to go to God at once.

4. Look Godward. If you look in any other direction, all is darkness. There, and only there is hope.

5. Christians should pray for young people who are newly converted, for their worst enemies are often those in their own household.

6. The person who feels strong is weak, and the person who feels weak is strong. Hide yourself away in the strength of God. Pray much. Take God as your refuge and your portion. Have faith in Him. Then you will be stronger than your adversaries.

7. Whenever God means to make a man great, He always breaks him in pieces.

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