WEALTH IS SPIRITUAL 2 – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

If you are just seeing this, please kindly read the part one of this so you can flow well with us here.

So the average person just sows his money where they see a need or where they feel obligated to sow but those who understand why money is called currency direct it towards a place of fertility.
Have you cared to know why a wealthy person wouldn’t mind giving another wealthy person a hundred million naira for frivolities but will find it difficult giving his relatives two to five million naira for business?

Jesus in the parable of the talents commanded the talent taken from the man that had one to be given to the man that had ten rather than the one that had two.(Matthew 25:14-29). Abraham having this understanding also refused to take anything from the king of sodom but rather sowed unto Melchizedek when they met (Genesis 14:18-24).

The principle is, if you are still struggling to break totally free from the poverty or average level, sow more of your resources to the wealthy and the blessed and less to the needy. Heb 7:7 says, “the less is blessed of the better”. The greatest thing a wealthy person can give you is not money but goodwill. Your money is your blood and it is also your life, wherever it goes, your life unconsciously gravitates towards that direction. Jesus speaking in Matthew 6:21 said, “wherever a man’s treasure is there his heart will be also”. Your heart is the control center of your body system, its failure is the collapse of the body.

Second, everyone in financial authority has a backing spiritual support system or Altar that may be godly or devilish. The ordinary and average person who is working to make ends meet or barely comfortable may argue this but those who transact in billions know and understand there’s no truly wealthy person that is a spiritual orphan. There is always a backing Altar and a priest that sustains and sometimes directs the direction of the money as the need arises as a way to service their continued relevance. This is why a reasonable person may not understand why some people will fund terrorism, campus cults, nude parties, LGBT etc.

Most of the anti-Christ thoughts and campaigns going on globally are being funded by most of the people the spiritually ignorant call atheist or agnostic. They may not appear to belong to any spiritual thought physically but act from behind the scene.

There is so much to write about from my personal studies, revelation and on the job experience that may not be suitable for the public for now, but my sincere counsel are:

1. Love God passionately and service that relationship with resources as frequently as possible according to your level.

2. While still trying to go up, let go of sentiments and direct your resources to fertile grounds.

3. Always offer services as much as you can to Wealthy people without monetary considerations.

4. Locate a fertile altar and priest who will be speaking into your life and that of your business/career consistently. Numbers 6:22-27, Matthew 10:40-42, 2 Kings 4:8-17, 2 Cor 6:10. Service the prophetic grace consistently as the Lord blesses you. Whatever you don’t sow into, you don’t really believe in. However, never succumb to spiritual manipulations, fearful prophecies, threats or undue demands for seed. Whatever is not sown by conviction is dead on arrival. Every genuine priest who understands this sees his life and ministry as a spiritual ladder for men rather than a consumer.

5. Declare blessing and prosperity scriptures over your life, business/career consistently. I always advise you do this daily.

6. Your givings to the needy should be more to those who though disadvantaged but have a desire for success and a life of difference than to those who feel totally helpless to life and those with a sense of entitlement.

Okay! I think I need to stop here for now.

Shey you know I love you ba?

I pray that God will give you wisdom in Jesus name!

You will not fail your generation!

The enemy shall not overrun our world with evil in our watch in Jesus name!


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