THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 10) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as Lisa reached the middle of the staircase, she saw the door wide opened.

Fear gripped her heart and she tiptoed to the main door to close it. When she reached the door, a huge figure stood at the door. Out of fear, Lisa couldn’t shout but tried to lock the door quickly.

Before she could slam it, Ben pushed the door and overpowered her to enter in. When Lisa discovered there was no way out, she ran inside the kitchen to take a knife.

Ben, a drunkard who had been stalking her since she relocated to that part of the city staggered with a bottle of beer in his hand.

“Lisa…Come here…I want you!” He said.

Lisa was secretly watching him from the kitchen while Ben kept cursing her.

“Where are you? Come out and let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Ben staggered and sat on the sofa. He drank a bit and looked towards the staircase.

He rose up and began to climb the staircase step by step. Lisa was troubled when he saw him climbing the staircase. She feared for the safety of Charlie and went back to the kitchen to bring a bowl of water.

Ben kept talking incoherently while still holding his bottle in his right hand. He sat down and drank again. Immediately Ben saw her with the bowl of water, he cried out, “Give me more drinks…I say, give me more drinks!”

Ben started climbing down the staircase and in an attempt to go and hide in the kitchen, Lisa hit her leg against the dining table and then stumbled.

The water spilled on the floor but she managed to reach the kitchen on time.

In his desperation to catch Lisa, Ben slipped over and hit his head against the wall and his bottle hit the floor and broke into pieces.

At the sound of the broken bottle, Charlie cried out of sleep.


When Lisa heard the cry of her son, she quickly came out of her hiding place to attend to him.

Ben, who was still determined, rose up and tried to grab her. Out of anger, Lisa pushed him against the wall and ran upstairs. On getting to their room, Lisa calmed her son and put him to sleep again.

She close the door behind her and tiptoed on the staircase to know the fate of the intruder. She looked in the direction of where Ben had fallen but there was no trace of him. She became apprehensive and went to pick the knife she placed on the dining table.

She began to think of what might have happened to Ben who had suddenly disappeared. Lisa began to hear a strange sound beside the bookshelf.

She pointed the knife in a defensive position and moved closer to have a proper look. As soon as she reached the bookshelf, someone came out of the kitchen.

Lisa turned and was shocked when she saw …

To be continued in Episode 11.

Olumide Fatunsin

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