#BookChallenge: HUMANS on ASSIGNMENT – Kunle Adegbite [Final Lessons]


1. A lot of people are mindful of their gifts but neglect their place, so their gifts are been choked up because it has not been positioned to survive the qualities of their tangible surrounding.

2. To get the proceeds of progress you must pass through processes. Life is an event-full process which translates into times and seasons that make up a lifetime. Process makes you to understand that your fulfillment of purpose is directly proportional to your
refining in process.

3. Every mission begins with a vision. A vision is what sets a mission in pace. Vision and mission are two inseparablecompanions because until you see something (vision), you cannot dosomething (mission).

4. A clear vision helps to build a stronger faith in your ability to
fulfill the vision while lack of clear vision makes men to give up
on the road to accomplishment.

5. When we decide to take charge of our destinies, there are
primary decisions we need to take — Decisions that no one else can take on our behalf. Nothing great in life usually happen by accident; they mostly happen deliberately. Don’t wait for a
miracle to happen when you are the miracle.

6. The weaknesses of every man has the tendency to destroy their life assignment if left unchecked.

7. If you don’t start with what you have you might never get what you need. You don’t need more than what God has given you to start. Look on the inside and not on the outside.

For a copy of the book, kindly contact the author on;

WhatsApp line: +2348038580699

#BookChallenge #HumansOnAssignment

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