(Genesis 2:18) And the LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help meet for him.

Relationship refers to the level or degree of affinity between people. The world is so interconnected and interdependent that one cannot succeed alone. Man is a special creation and is unique as such. It is self-delusion to think you can go the journey of life alone. God did not make man that way. From our text, God did not want man to be alone, so He made him a helpmate. Nobody really succeeds alone. We all need the help of other people.

The help you get from people is determined by the quality of your relationship with them. Relationships are in levels. The more intimate the relationship, the more the benefits. If all your friends are only people of same level or people you are better than, you need deliverance from labour. And if your friends are also only those who you are gaining from, you need deliverance from greed. Build relationship with people that have ability and capacity to pull you up to their level. You cannot succeed in the midst of those you are better than. The easiest way to learn a thing is to stay around the person or the people doing it. Connect with quality people.

Kanye West was indebted to the tune of $52 million and everyone forgot and ignored him, but his wife, Kim created a game called Kimoji that generated over $80 million. She transferred $52 million into Kanye’s account and cleared up his debt. Today Kanye is worth $1.3 billion. Quality relationship can pull you out of trouble. If they did not build quality relationship, it would have been difficult for the trust.

Child of God, the people in your life will determine the quality of life you live. Therefore, build relationship with people.

Meditation: The help you get from people is determined by the quality of your relationship with them.

RM: Build to Last

Prayer: My Father, my God, may I not lose any relationship that will help me. Help me to build quality relationship in Jesus name. Amen.

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