You can never fulfill your calling in your comfort zone – Pst. Korede Komaiya

In life, you must choose your CALLING (PURPOSE) over popularity, comfort and wealth. Today, the sense of CALLING (Purpose) has so much disappeared that many have gone into SURVIVAL mood rather than face the demands of their purpose head long.

Nothing preserves, provides and protects like being in the place of your CALLING (PURPOSE). Everything you will ever need is in your purpose. No one becomes significant outside their place of purpose.

One of the major factors why many have failed to embrace the place of their call/purpose is inability to leave their comfort zone. Every call will first kill you before it resurrects you; the pursuit of purpose will first make you look disadvantaged before it profits you.

It is not a call or purpose, if it is not calling for sacrifice. Your call must ask for sacrifice. Your call must take your time. Your call must first hide you before it announces you to the world.

Whatever your calling takes from you, it will repay you in multi-fold. Whatever you can’t afford now is made affordable when you tenaciously follow through your calling and purpose.

Choose purpose today over early gratification. Everything you need is in your calling/purpose.

© Korede Komaiya

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