THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 9) – Olumide Fatunsin

Paco waited at the door to know who was there. After 2 minutes, Blanco and Gordo began to scream. Immediately, paco reached there he found them writhing in pain.

He checked them but couldn’t find anything on them. Then, it dawned on him that they were trying to call the attention of their rescuers. Paco cellotaped their running mouths to avoid being found out and booted them again.

As soon as he finished the tasks, he heard someone pounding on the main door. He tiptoed to the main door to find out who was at the door.

Fortunately, it was Flavio, his assistant who had earlier been sent on an errand. Paco quickly opened the door for him and locked it again.

Paco looked at the wall clock and the time was 16:47. He called Pascal and Josephine to come downstairs in order for them to escape on time.

However, Paco and Flavio went to bring out Blanco and Gordo. By the time they got there, they found the door opened.

Paco realised he forgot to lock the door when Flavio was at the door. Blanco had escaped leaving Gordo behind in the room.

On realising his costly mistake, Josephine roared out of annoyance.

“We have 10 minutes to leave this house. Search for Blanco now.”

Then, Josephine signalled to Pascal to take Gordo into the waiting car outside. Pascal was reluctant but told her that it would be better to leave the house together.

Before Josephine could say anything further, they heard a loud cry. Pascal who was standing near the door ran towards the underground room.

Out of desperation to escape on time, Josephine looked up and the time was 16:55. After few seconds, she didn’t hear any sound again except the heavy breathings of Gordo who lay on the floor.

Josephine brought out her pistol and hopped quietly towards the underground door. He called out to Paco, Flavio and Pascal but no one answered.

She went back and locked the room where Gordo was kept before going down again into the underground room.

Josephine took each step with caution. When she was midway into the underground room, the doorbell rang.

Josephine checked the time on her mobile phone and it was exactly 17:00. She stood still and thought on what step to take. After few seconds, she began to hear heavy breathings of more than one person. Sensing a great danger, she ran back and tiptoed to the main door.

Josephine looked through the peephole but didn’t see anyone. She hid behind the door for some minutes and then looked through the peephole again.

When she didn’t see anyone, she went upstairs to the control room. Unknown to her, Pascal had changed the password about 20 minutes before she reached there.

Josephine tried every trick she could use but all to no avail. She began to check some files until she heard some footsteps in front of the control room.

She quietly closed the drawers and looked through the keyhole. The person she saw was wearing black trousers and none of his men wore black trousers.

The look on her face revealed her fears. Josephine began to think of other way out until…

To be continued in Episode 10.

Olumide Fatunsin

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