The link between leadership, management and enterprise performance is widely understood and accepted. Improving leadership, improves management and raises the probabilities of better performance.

The flip side of Leadership is Followership. It stands to reason that if leadership is important to performance, followership must have something to do with it too. The vast majority of people often think followership gets only a small fraction of the airtime than leadership does.

Followership is a straightforward concept. It is the ability to take direction well, to get in line, to be part of a team and to deliver on what is expected of you. How well the followers follow is just as important as how well the leaders lead.

If you can not follow successfully, you can not lead successfully. The failure of those who cannot follow consistently will be monumental because when they eventually get to the pedastal of leadership, there is no blueprint to follow through.

Whether in the secular or religious circle; heart to heart connectivity is what guarantees replication of grace and duplication of results.

Show me your results and I can trace your roots. Show me your exploits and I can decipher the DNA that runs in your system.

Your depth of followership is not to be borne out of head knowledge, but by revelation. What is taught can often times be argued, but that which is revealed to you can’t be taken away from you as only by Revelation can Revolution emerge.

© Korede Komaiya

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