A major tool in the Hands of God for the healing of His people is the Word of God (Ps. 107:20)

1. The Word of God transmits light that dissipates enemy darkness (John 1:1-5)

2. The Word of God carries power that makes things to work (Luke 4:36; Eccl. 8:4)

3. The Word of God carries the Person of God and when God steps in the enemy must check out (John 1:1)

4. The Word of God is the creative raw material of God (Gen. 1:3)
If a kidney or lung is needed, the Word of God can create it.

1. By the reading of Scripture (Josh. 1:8)
2. By the preaching of the Word (John 6:63)

In the name of Jesus, today, we decree and reject every agent of darkness and force of hell responsible for uprooting people from church. Every spirit of backsliding, lethargy and spiritual
indifference on the lives of our loved ones, everyone meant to be in church that has been held back by the devil, today, oh you devil, your power is broken off those lives now!

In the name of Jesus, we compel every man, woman, boy, girl, brother, sister, mother, father, everyone related, associated and connected to this ministry held back by the devil, we summon you and compel you to come now! (Luke 14:23)

In the name of Jesus, I decree against every occultic, witchcraft and diabolic manipulation of the work of my hands, assignment and business; every evil manipulation against my life, assignment and work of my hands, today is your end. I command you, be roasted by fire NOW!

In the name of Jesus, I prophesy and decree the blessing of the Lord on the work of my hands. From today, commanded blessings shall manifest on everything I touch. Everything I set my hands on, you are commanded blessed. From this moment, everything I lay my hands on, you are blessed. (Deut. 28:8)

In the name of Jesus, every devil that has tampered with my authority, prosperity, possession and identity, you are under arrest now! And what belongs to me, return to me NOW!

In the name of Jesus, every rubbish in my life and garbage in my system, today is your end. Oh
you rubbish, In the name of Jesus, CATCH FIRE!

– Whatever is tampering with your reproductive life is arrested now!
– Everyone that has been tied, I declare you untied now!
– Wombs tied by the devil are being untied and children are being released NOW!
– Everything that they took from you in the realm of the spirit that is affecting your life in the physical is restored now!
– Your reproductive system is normalised and every cycle problem is arrested!
– Every ‘nyama nyama’ in your body is being set on fire!
– Every stranger of hell in your system, today is their end!
– Everything that has been a concern or a burden in your life is leaving right now!
– Everyone that is a victim of negative demonic dreams, it is over!

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