(Hebrew 11:6) But without faith it is impossible to please Him (God); for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

Open heaven is that palpable, touchable feeling of the presence of God upon a man. Open heaven guarantees God’s presence and weight upon a man’s life. Open heaven make people to regard you. FAITH is acting on God’s word. Faith is the strong persuasion and belief that God is able to and will perform all that He has promised in His Word. Simply put, faith is convinced that it has what it’s expecting before it has the physical evidence. It doesn’t stop there, it goes ahead to act as if what it asked for or wanted is already available, even when no one sees the evidence. To experience open heaven, you need a level of faith that gives you a God-given confidence and boldness.

Faith is a gift from God, but we must nurture our faith to keep it strong. Faith is like a muscle, if exercised, it grows strong and if left immobile, it becomes weak. Faith can be nurtured by studying the Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The Word of God helps strengthen our faith. As we continually nurture the Word of God in our hearts, with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life. Faith can be developed by daring the impossible. David dared Goliath and afterwards experienced Open heaven. Therefore, nurture your faith to this level of daring the impossible, and you are guaranteed open heaven.

Sacrifice is another key to unlocking open heaven. Cornelius applied this key of sacrifice (read Acts 10:2): Sacrifice could be in giving, in service, in time, in prayers and intercession, among others.

For a believer, faith is everything. Faith is acting on God’s word. You cannot have open heaven without faith. It takes faith to give sacrifice. If you apply faith and sacrifice, be ready for open heavens.

Meditation: To experience open heaven, you need a level of faith that gives you a God-given confidence and boldness.

RM: Keys to Unlocking Open Heaven (2)

Prayer: Holy Ghost build and establish my faith firmly and grant me the heart of sacrifice in Jesus name, Amen

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