THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 8) – Olumide Fatunsin

After what seemed like eternity, Lisa looked behind her and Charlie was gone. She almost became mad trying to find Charlie in all the rooms. When she came back to the sitting room, Charlie had already slept off on the rug.

Lisa took him to his room, removed his shoes and covered him with a duvet. She sat beside him for a while and shed few drops of tears to relieve her tension.

“Charlie, I love you and nothing will take you away from me.” She whispered.

She went downstairs to pick the luggage and then unpacked it. Lisa found a piece of paper and was curious to find what was written on it. She unwrapped it and found the drawings of a man and a woman facing different positions.

Lisa stared at the drawings for a while and shook her head. She looked behind her and rose to pick an album from the table.

Lisa stood there with tears dropping on each page as she opened the album. When she couldn’t bear the pain again, she flung it on the table but its impact on the table brought the lamp down.

Charlie cried out at the sound of the broken lamp. Out of frustration, Lisa ran to him and tried to put him to sleep again.

“Allyson…Allyson…Ally…” Charlie mentioned the name and slept off.

When Lisa discovered that he had slept off, she went to pack the broken lamp. Underneath the table she found another sheet of paper with “Allyson, I love you” boldly written on it.

Lisa kept it inside the drawer and went downstairs. She looked through the peephole and discovered the young boy who was knocking on the door repeatedly had left.

Lisa was busy preparing the dinner when she heard her phone ringing on the dining table. She came out of the kitchen to pick it.

Immediately Lisa picked the call, she looked up and saw Charlie sitting on the staircase with his two elbows resting on his legs.

Lisa put her phone down without ending the call.

“Charlie… Charlie is everything OK?” Lisa went to meet him and checked his body temperature.

“Mum, I saw a man pointing a rifle at me in the dream. Can you buy me one to fight him?”

“Oh no, did he shoot?” Lisa asked with anxiety.

Charlie looked at his mother and pointed at his shoulder blade.

“Charlie, what do you mean?” Lisa asked him again.

“The bad man shot at my back.” Charlie said by rubbing his shoulder blade.

Lisa began to sob and bring Charlie downstairs. As soon as they sat on the sofa, her phone rang again.

“Hello Debby! I will call you back.” She said and dropped the call.

Debby called again, “Lisa, I overheard your conversation with Charlie. There is no need to panic. I will come to your house right away. Take care.”

With this word of comfort, Lisa went back to the kitchen to finish cooking the dinner.

Lisa set the table and they ate the delicious meal. Thereafter, Charlie sat down to watch his favourite TV program.

As usual, Lisa wore her nightgown and sat in her room to read a novel. After 30 minutes, she came downstairs and found Charlie sleeping soundly on the sofa.

She checked the kitchen to see if everything was in place and came directly to switch off the TV.

She was baffled to see what was showing on the TV. Lisa immediately switched it off and went to check the main door. To her surprise, it wasn’t closed properly. She looked for the key but couldn’t find it.

Lisa combed the whole sitting room for the key and later went upstairs to search her room but to no avail.

Still wondering how she misplaced the key, Charlie snored deeply. Lisa decided to take him to their room. When she lifted him, the key dropped from his hand.

Lisa wondered why he went to take the key from the main door. However, she covered him with his duvet and gently closed the door to their bedroom.

As soon as she reached the middle of the staircase, Lisa saw the main door wide opened.

Fear gripped her heart and she tiptoed to the main door to close it. When she reached the door, a huge…

To be continued in Episode 9.

Olumide Fatunsin

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