There are many relationships which have been broken down simply because one or both parties aren’t willing to do what is or are necessary to do to save their respective relationship.

They allow pride and ego destroy their relationship. So sad indeed.

Undoubtedly, there will be misunderstandings and disagreements in your relationship.

No matter how careful you are, misunderstandings are inevitable. However, it’s not what happen(misunderstandings) but what you or both parties do with what happen. What do you when misunderstandings set in between you and your partner?

Are you like others who threaten to break up? Are you like those who start giving attitudes and keeping malice? Or are you like these sets of people who find a way to resolving the misunderstandings at hand? (Your action determines that).

My point exactly? Misunderstandings are sure to come between you and your partner. And when they come, you have two options; either to resolve it or to complicate issue. Although, it might be hard to initiate the reconciliation, especially when you know vividly well you aren’t at fault.

However, as to whether you are at fault or not, sometimes you have look pass who is at fault or not. You will have to draw your attention away from the present happenings and go ahead to initiate anyway. Yes, it may not be easy at first, but you’ve got to focus on the relationship you have with your partner. Your relationship with your partner is more important than his/her mistakes and shortcomings.

Above all, whether you think you are at fault or not,

If you have to initiate, INITIATE.

If you have to say sorry, SAY SORRY.

If you have to apologize, APOLOGIZE

If you have to kill your pride to save your relationship, KILL YOUR PRIDE.

If you have to kill your ego to save your relationship, KILL YOUR EGO.

If you have to let go of some behaviors, habits, or attitudes, KINDLY LET GO.

Whatever you have to do to save your relationship (as long as it doesn’t involves breaking kingdom principles), KINDLY DO.

If you have to cut the bridge to make it up with your partner, cut the bridge.

If you have to pray to make your relationship work, KINDLY PRAY.

If you are forever waiting for your partner to do the initiative, why not make the surprise first?

If you feel jealous, why not open up instead of acting negatively on your emotion?

If you can’t wait any longer, why not take the initiative?

If you can’t hold it any longer, why not voice out?

If you can’t keep it any longer, why not open up?

If you don’t like what your partner is doing, why not expose it to him/her?

If there is a disagreement, why not find a way to go about it mutually?

If you are bothered, why not talk it out with your partner?

If you allow your self pride to override you when it comes to doing the right thing to save your relationship (especially when you are at fault), you may never do the right thing. And that might also be the end of your relationship. Will you want that happen?

Do whatever it takes to save your relationship. Do it NOW!!

I love you.


© Timothy Obafemi

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