THE VALUE OF THE BLESSING (1&2) – Dr. Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding what the Blessing is worth

When God created man in the beginning and blessed them, what did He intend for it to achieve in their lives?
i. Understanding the worth of the Blessing helps us to maximise the opportunity of being blessed
ii. Understanding the worth of the Blessing releases faith to fully appropriate the benefits of the Blessing

1. The Blessing rescues people from negative cycles and patterns of life (Gen. 11)

2. The Blessing changes the climate and atmosphere of a person’s life (Gen. 12:1; 26:1-2, 12-14)
When the Blessing is on you, you are not in the same condition as the people in your situation;
there is a climate around your life that is different

3. The Blessing increases life’s capacity and potentials (Gen. 12:2)
When the Blessing is upon your life, you become bigger and larger than you think you are

4. The Blessing transforms a life into a generational asset of value (Gen. 12:2)
When the blessing is on you, you become a blessing not a burden, an asset and not a liability

5. The Blessing imparts and fertilizes people for increase, fruitfulness and multiplication (Gen. 1:28)
When the Blessing of God is on you, nothing is permitted to decrease or reduce around you

6. The Blessing brings preservation and protection to the life of the blessed (Job 1:10)
You are not permitted to be easily wasted when the blessing is upon you
The Lord does not bless you for the devil to waste you

7. The Blessing replaces negative history with positive destiny
The blessing forbids negativity and calamity

8. The Blessing is a supernatural force that moves you from your position into your possession
Whenever the blessing encounters your life, you are not permitted to remain where you have been

9. The Blessing places the seal of Divine goodwill and wellbeing on the life of the blessed
As far as you are on the earth, no devil can tamper with your welfare and wellbeing if the blessing is upon your life
When the blessing is on your life, it is not a question of where you live, it is only a matter of what is on you
Without the blessing, how far your effort can take you is how far you can go
If you carry the right thing, no devil can keep you down
It is not a function of the colour of your skin, it is a function of the content of your life

10. The Blessing allocates positive identity and notoriety (Songs. 1:3)

11. The Blessing brings colour and sunshine to life (Gen. 26:14)
Life is made colourful and enviable by the Blessing
Don’t struggle to belong to any class, just belong to God and He will allocate a class to you

12. The Blessing enhances the quality, durability and longevity of life

1. The pursuit of the Blesser (Matt. 6:33)
You don’t get blessed by seeking the blessing, you get blessed by seeking the Blesser
It is when you seek His Face that you access His Hand
If you are sold out to God, He shows you off to the world

2. The life of obedience
Obedience brings the blessing, disobedience brings the curses
The life of obedience led Abraham to the world of the Blessing
Obedience is the magnet of abundance

3. Existence as a blessing (Gen. 12:2)
Existing as a blessing is the way of accessing the Blessing
The Blessing of God is not looking for containers, it is looking for channels
The Blessing of God is in search of the channel, not the container

4. The life of faith (Gal. 3:9; Ps. 34:5; Gen. 14:22-23)
Looking up to God guarantees the Blessing, looking up to man guarantees frustration
Anywhere You cannot take me may I not get there, anything you cannot give me may I not have it and what You can’t do for me may it remain undone – this is the brutal commitment of people of faith. But there is nothing that God cannot do, nowhere He can’t take you and nothing that He can’t give!

Father, thank You for Your Word to me today. I receive the grace to do Your Word now, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I am here today, I trust You for Your blessing upon my life. Do something new in my life today, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I come before You today and I receive the grace to live the life of a pursuer of God, grace to obey You, and the grace to look up to nobody but You. I receive that grace now, in Jesus’ Name”

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