– I prophesy upon you the grace to pursue your Maker, obey Him, live as a blessing!
The month of March opens up for you!
– Your destiny opens up in the month of March!
– Today is the end of every delay in your life!
– By the release of this blessing, every negative cycle in your life is over forever!
– Every negative climate around your life is over forever
– Receive the enlargement of your capacity!
– By this blessing, your life is turned into a generational treasure and asset!
– I decree your fertilization for increase and multiplication!
– I decree preservation and protection!
– You shall be preserved and rescued from danger!
– Grace to pursue the life of obedience is released!
– Every negative history of your life is replaced by a positive destiny!
– By this blessing, the force that shall move you from your current position into your desired destination is released!
– By the mantle of God’s blessing, I declare it is well with you!
– Everyone who is a victim of wrong name and identity, I declare it deleted now and the right identity comes upon your now!
– If you have lived a pitiable life, by this blessing, move into an enviable and colourful life!
– I prophesy durability, quality and longevity! You shall fulfil your days in Jesus’ Name!

– That negative pattern in your father’s house is broken today!
– The climate of disfavour and scarcity is going to be changed in your particular situation!
– God is going to enlarge your capacity and enlarge your potentials more than you ever imagined!
– God is turning you into an asset of value in your generation and community!
– After this service, that situation of scarcity and shortage around your life shall be deleted forever!
– From now forward, nothing dries up around you!
– For anyone that has been a victim of enemy wickedness, today, by the Blessing of the Lord, that enemy agenda is cancelled, reversed and annulled!
– As the blessing comes upon you today, you are moving from your position into your possession and destination!
– I decree, your welfare and wellbeing is guaranteed!
– Everyone here that is a victim of wrong identity, it is changing right now!
– You will not be cut short before your time!
– I don’t care the diagnosis they have given you, whatever it is, I am here to announce, you shall fulfil your days!
– The Blessing of the Lord shall swallow up every curse from hell!
– Everyone who is sold out to God and the devil is still mocking your destiny, today is the end of that mockery forever!
– Anything you need to do to see the results you need to see, God will show it to you!
– Every load the devil has placed on your life is flushed out in Jesus’ Name!
– Every devil affecting your productivity is arrested!
– Every spirit of death looking for anyone here is returned back to hell!

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