DIVINE REALITIES – Apostle Joshua Talena

TEXT: 2 KINGS 6:24-30, JEREMIAH 29:11, 2 CHRONICLES 4:9


Divine realities is the existence in God with a deep sense of spiritual substance that communicates matters and elements.
Life will lose meaning until we understands its foundation of what necessitated the existence of man.
If you don’t know why God created you, you will live under the dictate of your senses.
We are created to function in the same dimension as God.
We must come to that point where our emotions no longer count.
Elohim is the foundation of divine realities.
Without understanding divine realities it will be impossible to interact with Elohim.
Operating in divine realities is what brings meaning to our existence here on earth.
There is a realm in God that is more real than the physical.
Every child of God is first a spirit before being a physical being.
Elements are the instruments of divine realities. They are spiritual substances that expression to heaven intention.

1 Divine reality is the existence in God with a deep sense of spiritual substance that communicates divine elements & Divine matters.
2 Divine realities is living a life beyond fantasy, imagination, it is living a realm in God where you become a proof producer.
Divine realities make you a candidate of proofs. (1 John 1:5
God is light and he lives in light. ( 1 timothy 6:16, Rom 2:7
Never reduce God to things.
3 Divine realities is a supernatural dimension within the life of a believer that communicates practicalities of divinity in humanity.
Man was an outcome of God’s loneliness (Genesis 1:1, 1 peter 1:23
The only way heaven can express its self in you is through fellowship.(koinonia)
4 divine realities is carrying the aura and fragrance of extravagant grace to a point you become the mirror of divinity. divine reality is when God gives you extra ordinary grace.

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