Life is not programmed to favour the taker, the consumer or the parasitic irrespective of your title – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

A young Pastor once came to complain to me that the people he pastors do not sow into his life nor care how the ministry runs. I asked him how much investments he had made into them to demand returns from them since they were not the ones that called him or sent him and I discovered nothing significant. After a session with him, he went to work and few months later he returned excitedly with testimonies of how the people are now blessing him on their own accord.

Now listen!
Life is not programmed to favour the taker, the consumer or the parasitic irrespective of your title. Anytime you position yourself perpetually on the receiving end of the spectrum of life, you unconsciously activate a negative paradigm which gradually depletes your value. This is a parallel truth whether in spiritual, social, marital or business relationships.

Before you complain about someone ignoring you, first ask what value your presence communicates. You have no right to demand for attention or respect where you have not first sown value. It’s not the fault of anyone, it’s the way life is construed. There are people God answer at His convenience and there are people He answers before they call.

As a Minister, you must understand that whatever anyone sows into your life out of sympathy, manipulation, pressure etc will not bring blessings to them except where it is done out of willful recognition for grace.

As you step out this week, resolve to contribute to your organization, church, people etc and watch a paradigm shift in the events of your life.

I see you triumph in all areas this month of March!
You will not fail God!

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