Guard your Name – DR. K. N. JACOB

Never ask for favors from a stranger. If we have never met, what right do you have to ask me for your birthday gift? Meeting someone on social media does not make you close friends. Even if you know someone, gifts are sweetest when not solicited. Lady, you lose respect when you ask men for valentine or birthday gifts. Men avoid anyone who appears like a gold-digger like plague.

Borrowing money from a stranger puts your name on the line. If you must, borrow money in relationships you have invested in. You can’t demand from people you have not cultivated any relationship. Never appear money minded. As a man, borrowing money from a lady you barely know may make you a laughing-stock in her circles. Stealing money permanently injures your reputation.

Never flirt with someone you’ve just met. Don’t be over-generous in giving compliments. Complimenting too soon or too much may make others mistake you. Even if her dressing seems suggestive, she may not be appealing to your testosterones. Asking for sex in your corporate outings may reduce you to a loaf of bread. Strictly keep your moral boundaries. Getting drunk in corporate events is not cool, it’s silly. That the drinks are free doesn’t imply you abuse them.

As much as humanly possible, avoid borrowing from people. Financial institutions exist for financial solutions. But if you already have a personal debt, pay it with your next income. Always keep your word. Honor your promises. Avoid overpromising. Your word must always be your bond. Don’t let your mouth overburden your back. Learn to say NO. Commit only to what you can deliver.

First impressions last. Respect yourself and you’ll be respected. Nothing is worth your name. Your name is your greatest treasure. Relationships develop organically. You may compromise a major opportunity in life because you crossed someone’s line too early. Always see the big picture. Even if you’re going through tough times, you have no right to reap where you have not sown.


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