#BookChallenge: Why you are at this point – Tunde Korede

“The book, why you are at this point, authored by pastor Tunde Korede, is one that attempts to diagnose and profer solutions to the root and immediate causes of stagnancy that occurs in the lives of many individuals. The fourty four (44) page book is an easy read which employs the strategy of “hit the nail on the head”.

The most outstanding quality of this book, is the author’s simplicity of expression, and practicality in proferring solutions to various causes of stagnation.”

– Engr. Awe Hilary


1. No issue of life can be properly tackled without knowing its root causes. There are many who blame God for the misfortunes that takes place in their life, but they do not exercise due diligence in ascertaining the reasons for those misfortunes.

2. God cannot choose for us, He counsels and leads us towards making the right choices. The power of choice is resident in the hands of man, hence his decision of choice either brings forth blessings or curses. The limitations of man is not a function of his condition, but a function of his decision.

Kindly contact pastor Tunde Korede for a copy of this book

WhatsApp Number: 08104749909.

God bless you.

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