1. Those who marry because they are up to the age of marriage

2. Those who marry because they are unable to control themselves; to fulfil fleshly desires

3. Those who marry because they want a change of title

4. Those who marry because they are tired of fending for themselves

5. Those who marry to show those who disappointed them that they too can marry

6. Those who want to show pity to someone by marrying them

7. Those who marry because they want to get travel documents, permanent residence or papers to settle

8. Those who marry because they don’t want to ‘disobey God’
God will never ask you to marry who you have no feelings or affection for

(Luke 14:28)


1. The fulfilment of Divine purpose and destiny for one’s life (Gen. 2:18-19, 24)
The one you are marrying is a part and parcel of your destiny on earth
Marry someone who is a part of your life’s purpose and destiny

2. The union of vision (Amos 3:3)
No one is qualified for your association until they are going in your direction

3. The synergy of energy (Eccl. 4:11)
It is the synergy of energy that guarantees the fulfilment of destiny

4. The sharing of responsibility (Eph. 5:22-26)
The dignity of the harmony is in the sharing of responsibility

5. The practice or practicality of love
There can be love outside of marriage (loving the brethren) but there can never be marriage outside of love
Marriage minus love equals wreckage
Never marry anybody you are not willing to love for life

6. The bedrock of support and safety (Eccl. 4:9-10)
A major assignment in marriage is to keep your spouse on their feet spiritually, morally and otherwise; don’t contribute to their crash
The worst thing you can do to your children (as a father) is to dishonour their mother in front of them
Don’t join people to attack your spouse

7. The facilitation of victory (Eccl. 4:10-12; Gen. 25:21; 1Sam. 25:23-26)
Victory is assured where the matrimony is in order
Stand to win battles on behalf of your spouse

1. Don’t just marry, possess a clear understanding and vision of what marriage is about

2. The marriage process must be preceded by high spiritual input because marriage is more spiritual than physical

3. Work to make marriage work; nothing works until someone goes to work

4. Make your home the birthplace of destiny; great destinies
Nothing great can come out of disorder or anarchy

5. Make your home a safe haven for your family
Let your house be a safe haven
If you came out of a negative home, make up your mind that what you passed through, your children will never pass through
Do everything you can to make your marriage work

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord in Jesus’ Name.

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