HOW GOD SPEAKS – Olumide Fatunsin

A young believer who was desperate to know how God speaks began to seek the face of God.

He reads his Bible but couldn’t understand the leading of God until one day he was MOVED to go to a nearby river.

When he got there, he found a fishing rod near an empty chair. Suddenly, he noticed some rapid ripples and he grabbed the fishing rod to get a catch. Behold, he caught a big fish. How fortunate!

He was MOVED again to visit a Carpenter’s shop. He saw the carpenter joining the woods together with nails and screws. He observed that the carpenter used different sizes of nails and screws for different types of wood. He got the idea and left the place.

When he stepped out of the place, he was MOVED to visit a college where the students were writing their examination. He observed everywhere was silence and only the teachers were allowed to move around. He got an idea and left.

There was a playground around the college where some children were playing. He was MOVED to draw closer. They were engaged with different activities with great admiration written on the faces of their parents. He observed them and left.

As he was heading towards his house, a cyclist unknowingly rammed into him and he sustained a slight injury. He was forced to rest a bit at a nearby bus stop.

After a while, an ambulance arrived the area. He was surprised when he heard that a car had badly wounded a woman. The woman happened to be the person walking behind him when the cyclist hit him. He thanked God for saving him.

When he got home, he was MOVED to praise and worship God more than ever before.

Later in the evening, he switched on his TV to listen to a gospel preacher. At a point the preacher said, “God speaks to his children through the Bible and in diverse ways. God is always speaking and it is our duty to listen and observe things around us. God can use anyone or anything to draw the attention of his children and pass a message“

It now dawned on him that the Lord was actually speaking to him through the various circumstances of the day.


God is saying, “I own everything in the world. There will be ripple of opportunities and it is your duty to grab it. My peace in you will confirm the right opportunity


God is saying, “There will be nails of challenges but they are to strengthen your faith in me and beautify your life. The screws indicate that your background can be revisited and transformed”


God is saying, “I may be silence during your trials but I am watching over you. For every new level, you must be tested and my grace is sufficient. I am always with you”


God is saying, “Like the parents who were happy seeing their children playing, I am interested in your marital, academic, spiritual, financial, physical and ministry aspects. The joy of the Lord is your strength and the key of blessing is in the name of Jesus Christ”


God is saying, “Sometimes, I put a temporary obstacle on your way in order to deliver you from an impending danger or disgrace. I am the Alpha and Omega. Remember the story of Daniel and his three friends how I glorified my name through their lives. Every hindrance is to glorify my name”


God is saying, “Praise and worship is a great weapon to subdue the powers of darkness and to bring down my presence. Keep praying, study my words and live in holiness. I am the Lord”

Beloved, I believe God has spoken and He will be speaking to you and daily victory shall be your portion.

Olumide Fatunsin

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