Premarital Sex – DR. K. N. JACOB

Sex was designed for marriage where trust and security are guaranteed. Sex is only fully enjoyed where all life’s interests and pursuits are safeguarded both sides. Any sex outside marriage eventually hurts. Never confuse pleasure with happiness. A lot of people who engage in sex outside marriage lose interest in marriage. Most eventually break away from their sex partner.

That a habit has become more acceptable and practiced in society doesn’t make it right. Most pains in marriages have their root cause in sex outside marriage. Before marriage, the enemy tempts you into premarital sex. After marriage, the enemy tempts you out of sex. In premarital sex, the more experienced partner hardly gives the novice a chance to improve their art.

Sex outside marriage reduces a man to a common hunter. Real men live by a higher standard. Real men don’t see women as sex toys. Real men make solid commitments. Once you sleep with your girl before your marriage vows, you send a strong message that you believe in sex outside marital covenants. Even if you get married to the same woman, the odds are high your marriage will have affairs.

Women of substance don’t allow men to abuse their bodies. They preserve their bodies as temples of the Living God. Virginity is a token of trust in your marriage. No man should enjoy the privileges of a husband without taking the responsibilities of a husband. But if you’ve lost your virginity, don’t live in your past. Many honorable ladies with great marriages didn’t get married as virgins.

Start from where you are. Make up your mind never to have sex outside marriage. In your dating sprees, state your sex position early. Meet in public places. Resolve not to date in either home. Often, premarital sex leaves you with a sense of emptiness. You know this person doesn’t really love you. If they did, they’d commit to live with you every day of their lives. Why have sex with someone who does not love you?


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