Dr Olumide Fatunsin, and wife, Evangelist Toyin Fatunsin, Celebrates 10 years of Marital Bliss


As we sat down yesterday holding our hands and ruminating on the journey so far, these Bible verses aptly described our journey by God’s grace.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6) In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5 – 6)

Trust in God isn’t easy but that’s all we have in our marriage. We have been through many phases but trust in God is our sure anchor. Hallelujah!

In February that year, God gave me a glimpse of my wife while in a Spiritual retreat in the United Kingdom.

God spoke about her in September after watching her powerful movie, ILE OMINIRA in my hostel. I had just finished my PhD program then and it was like a dream.

I got a final confirmation in October after waiting on God and I carried my spiritual leaders along. The joy of knowing God’s will in marriage surpassed that of eating pizza like this writer. It pays to wait on God!

In November, we saw each other for the first time when I arrived in Nigeria. I couldn’t contain my joy. My heart leapt for joy like that of biblical Elizabeth when she saw Mary.

The following January, we did our court wedding with our families in attendance. It was a beautiful moment.

On February 24, we did our church wedding to the glory of God!

God of pleasant surprises showed up and crowned our years of waiting and trusting with a glorious wedding ceremony and He has since been our God, guide and helper.

God who brought two different persons from a far distant together and joined them in marriage is still alive and able. He will do it for you.

I give glory to God for His faithfulness and I appreciate my darling wife for your love and support. You are indeed a rare gem!

You made me to know who a woman is. Then a wife, then a mother and finally a great Servant of God sold out to do His will. I didn’t fully understand but you helped me to know that having a PhD in Organic Chemistry is different from learning and living with one’s spouse. I’m still learning to love you more and fulfil my responsibility in your life. By the way, I’m yet to get a degree in that field…lol

You have been playing all these roles and I’m grateful to God for His grace and wisdom.

10 years already! My God! My dear, we have been through some challenges and deep waters but God has been there for us. We will always be grateful for His loving kindness and faithfulness.

Marriage is God’s first institution and deep but your contentment, love, understanding and sacrifices are deeply appreciated and cherished. I thank God for marrying you and He will continue to strengthen our bond of love in Jesus name.

My dear, as we celebrate on this day, may God continue to use us for His glory and for the expansion of His Kingdom in Jesus name.

My love, I’m grateful to you and will always be grateful. No long epistle can quantify my love for you. I’m saying it from the depth of my heart, I love you!

Happy wedding anniversary to us!

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