#BookChallenge: How Successful People Think – John .C. Maxwell [How to become a better thinker]

How to become a better thinker

1. Expose yourself to good input – Read books, review trade magazines, listen to tapes, and spend time with good thinkers.

2. Expose yourself to good thinkers – Spend time with the right people.

“I try to be kind to everyone I meet, and I desire to add value to as many people as I can through conferences, books, audio lessons etc. But the people I seek out and choose to spend time with all challenge me with their thinking and their actions – John .c. Maxwell

3. Choose to think good thoughts – Thinking is a discipline, and you must become intentional about the thinking process.

4. Act on your good thoughts – Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.

5. Allow your emotions to create another good thought – If you wait until you feel like doing something, you will likely never accomplish it. Thesame is true for thinking.

6. Repeat the process – One good thought does not make a good life.

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