THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 6) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa later went outside to breathe out the breath of frustration and despair. She tried to play back their arrival until they reached the taxi stand but nothing suggested a foul play.

Within few minutes, she heard a gunfire which made her cringed. Thereafter, a man stood behind her and tapped her shoulder.

She was scared to raise her head supposing him to be the gunman.

“¡Hola!…¿qué tal? (Hello, how are you?)” The man asked.

Lisa couldn’t answer immediately but she began to open her eyes slowly to come back to reality.

“Mum! Mum!! Mum!!!” Charlie called his mother while holding the half cake in his right hand.

On hearing the voice of her son, she jumped up with joy to embrace Charlie.

“Where have you gone to?”

“Who took you away from me?”

She held him closely with tears on her face.

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“I don’t want to lose you again.”

Lisa turned back to see the man who had rescued her son.

The taxi driver smiled and narrated how Charlie came back to the taxi stand asking for his mother. Charlie had gone to buy snacks at the supermarket and couldn’t locate the correct taxi again. Their paths didn’t cross during the ordeal of looking for one another. The taxi driver wouldn’t have met him if not for the urgent call from his wife. He recognised Charlie immediately because of his blue shirt and his dark complexion.

Lisa thanked him profusely and the taxi driver who was of Iran descent scolded Charlie lovingly not to cause trouble again. He told him his daughter also loved cake but not obsessively.

Fortunately, Lisa saw one of the Airport officials and reported how the taxi driver found him. The official smiled, called the office and left the place immediately.

As the taxi driver turned to go, Charlie held his hand and said, “Muchas gracias!”.

He looked at him and smiled. However, Lisa sat there with troubled countenance. Before the taxi driver could say anything, Lisa began to narrate her past experience.

“It was during one of our visits to the Latin America. Tony, Charlie, his father and I were enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach…” She sobbed and continued her story.

“Tony liked to play with other kids. Then, as he was playing with some kids on the beach sand not too far away from where we sat, we heard a gunfire and everyone scampered for safety.” She drew Charlie closer as she sobbed again.

“Take heart!” The taxi driver tried to encourage Lisa.

“Before his father could reach Tony, he had been trampled upon. We took him to the hospital and that was the end. It was a devastating period for us then.” She said with trembling voice.

The taxi driver, who was now emotional bent down to comfort Lisa and pray that God should strengthen her.

Later, Lisa rose up and thanked the taxi driver. She further told him that anytime she heard a loud noise, that ugly experience would be replayed in her memory.

Actually, there was no gunfire at the airport but a loud noise she heard made her recoiled in fear. The taxi driver took them to their house and helped with their luggage. He gave Lisa his business card and left.

Whey they entered the house and locked the door after them, someone came running and began to knock repeatedly. Lisa looked through the peephole. As soon as she saw the fellow, she beckoned to Charlie to keep quiet.

After what seemed like eternity, Lisa looked behind her and Charlie was gone. She almost became mad trying to find Charlie in all the rooms. When she came back to the sitting room…

To be continued in Episode 7

Olumide Fatunsin

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