#BookChallenge: Releasing Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe (5 Lessons from Chapter 12)


1. God uses busy people. God loves busy people because their busyness shows that they are willing to work. Jesus need workers. He needs people who would give their best to bring others into the Kingdom of God.

2. We don’t appreciate God’s ways. We want results without the process. We seek promotion without responsibility. We desire pay without work. God expects us to understand our natural need to work. The Church, and the world at large, must recover God’s principle of work because there can be no greatness without work.

3. Work is a gift from God. Every assignment God has ever given required work. Noah worked to build the ark, Joseph worked to provide for the Egyptians during a seven year famine. Solomon worked to build the Temple. As each accomplished what God asked of him, he fulfilled God’s purpose for his life.

4. Work is much more important than honour because it brings the learning that releases your talents, abilities, and capabilities. It is also more valuable than a paycheck. When you stop working for money, you will discover the blessings of work.

5. To be poor doesn’t mean you don’t have anything. It means you aren’t doing anything. Poverty is cured by hard work. If you don’t work you will end up begging.

God bless you.

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