Still at loss about the miracle you enjoy daily? – Opeyemi Ologun Oshaloto

I hated — still hate hospitals! I dreaded visiting one while growing up. But in the last two years, I’ve had cause to visit hospitals often – for 19 days straight, at some point. I will be merely stating the obvious to say I no longer dread the hospitals.

In all the physical and psychological stress that accompanied my visits to the hospitals, God had always magnified His faithfulness and unending miracles.

There has always been room for gratitude. Abundance of it. Prior to these periods, I had series of lows, where I felt completely stuck and miserable. But now I have been gifted with plenty of miracles that leaves me gratitude-charged in the midst of any wind of discouragement.

I know we all have those moments. Terrible moments of loss, shock, sadness, disappointment, failures, etc. Of course, some are greeted with these contrary winds than others—but in whatever measure we’ve been tried, we must enforce the truth of our victory in Christ always. And He never fails.

I feel like encouraging someone today who have chosen to personalise these unpleasant issues instead of releasing them to God. I’m aware it can be overwhelming, but God’s faithfulness is stronger.

Some would ask: How can you be grateful in midst of the storm?

1. Appreciate God that the situation is not worse than it currently is.

2. Be full of thanks for those ‘tiny’ bit of improvement you can notice.

3. Thank God ahead for whatever you want to see as if it was already done.

You who currently enjoy health, but need more money, clothes, better paying job, car, bigger apartment, and so on, I won’t want to berate your desire, but that you can walk, eat, sleep and breathe without pills is a great miracle.

The lady who just paid NGN 600,000 to the radiology department for scan this morning will want you to be full of thanks for these little, yet big miracles.

If you’re going through any low moment right now, I pray for strength and grace to pull through.

PS: Quit feeling miserable because of the things that has failed to align; rather, focus on what God is working out on your behalf.

Written by: Opeyemi Ologun Oshaloto
Edited by: Oshaloto Joseph Tade

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