7 Steps to getting into Marriage – Bishop David Oyedepo

1. PROPOSE: Telling a lady you want to marry her does not require you beating about the bush or harassing her. Just go straight to the point and tell her your intention.

2. PREPARE: This is a fact finding period when the two of you now begin to know yourselves and begin to put your facts together into the future, you both anticipate.

3. PROCEED: The facts have been thoroughly analyzed, the choice has been made and now the decision to proceed. It is at this point that you can begin to get to know those who need to be known.

4. PROMOTE: This is when you begin taking practical steps towards getting married, by putting in place the necessary things for marriage.

5. PROTECT: The honour in marriage must be preserved by disallowing the defilement of the bed.

6. PROTEST: You had earlier agreed on certain terms and then suddenly there is a deviation, you are allowed to react in order to put the issues right.

7. POSSESS: With all the previous steps in place, you can then march to the altar together.

Courtesy: Faith Abiola Oyedepo’s Page

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