#BookChallenge: Releasing Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe (7 Lessons from Chapter 9)


1. God’s view of poverty and wealth is very different from ours. He is more concerned with what we do with what we have, than with how much we have.

2. Poverty is not a gift from God but the result of your actions. The degree of wealth or poverty in which you find yourself is to a large extent related to the way you are using what you have. A hardworking person becomes rich, while a lazy person becomes poor.

3. Your success is not determined by what you have, but by what you do with what you have.

4. God wants energetic, diligent people. He is always searching for men and women who will look beyond their circumstances to their possibilities.

5. Everything has a purpose. Whether or not you work to discover the purpose of your resources determines how effective or ineffective you will use them, because understanding must precede use.

6. The release of your potential hinges directly on your ability to know the purpose of your resources, to understand their properties, to obey the laws governing them, and to open yourself to their limitless potential.

7. God gives you resources so you can accomplish what He put you here to do. He gives them to you to live on, not for. When you start living for money you are in trouble. When your job becomes the most important thing in your life you are in for hard times. Whenever resources become more important than the purpose for which God gave it, you have crossed the line between using and abusing.

God bless you.

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