#BookChallenge: Releasing Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe (7 Lessons from Chapter 8)


1. The purpose of something is the reason for which it exists or the manufacturers original intent for making it. Thus, the purpose of a thing cannot be discovered by asking another thing. Only the manufacturer knows why he created the product the way he did.

2. Ignorance robs you of your potential because it leads to abuse.

3. If you don’t know your purpose, it is impossible to fulfill it. The release of your potential requires that you learn why God created you.

4. Expressing God’s image has to do with the way you act, not the way you look.

5. Your fruitfulness is related to the food you are eating. If your spiritual source is not top quality, your productivity will show it. You are what you eat.

6. God wants you to reveal all the potential He buried inside you.

7. The release of your potential is directly related to your willingness to know, understand, and submit to God’s purpose for your life.

God bless you

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