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The following is the account of Brother PROVERBS, about a man and woman, who he saw from his window several years back. Brother PROVERBS, in his usual habit, tells this story every day, and today being Valentine’s day is no exception.

Bro. PROVERBS: For at the window of my house, I looked through my casement, and beheld a young man walking through the streets, and behold he suddenly encountered a woman.

The following conversation ensued between the man and woman;

WOMAN: Hi handsome

MAN: Hello beauty, I love the red dress

WOMAN: Thanks, its Prada.

MAN: Great. What is this beauty doing on my street today?

WOMAN: I came to diligently seek thy face, and I am glad that I found you

MAN: Really? Have you been crushing on me?

WOMAN: More than that. Today is Valentine’s day, and I have come with peace offerings. I have decked…

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