PROOFS OF DEDICATION (1&2) – Dr. Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the things that prove that we are dedicated to God

1. The most authentic measure of true spirituality is proven dedication to God
2. Dedication to God sets a life apart from others, both in time and in eternity. (Mal. 3:17-18)
3. Dedication to God is a quality that can never be ignored
Everyone knows if you are truly dedicated to God – God knows, angels know, the devil knows, friends and enemies know.

1. It is a heart that follows hard after God – that pants helplessly after God (Ps. 63:8)

2. It is a life that is sold out to God – you are literally beside yourself for God (1Cor. 6:20)

3. It is a life that is invested or wasted on God – your life’s time, resources and energy are directed towards God

B1. It is pure, unadulterated passion for God (Ps. 42:1-2)
It is undying and ‘undwindling’ passion for God

B2. It is a life that is literally lost in God (Phil. 3:7)

B3. It is a life set apart for God and for His purpose in the earth

1. Addiction (Can’t do without God)
2. Consecration (Separated unto God)
3. Devotion (Committed to God)
4. Submission (Absolutely surrendered to God)
5. Donation (No claims on my life or on anything I have)
6. Affection (You have conquered my heart)

B1. Addiction (Hooked to God)
B2. Consecration (Giving up the unacceptable for God)
B3. Devotion (Owing God your allegiance)
B4. Submission (Yielded to God)
B5. Donation (Relinquishing the ownership of your life to God)
B6. Affection (God is the Centre of your desire)

1. Love for His Person and Presence (Ps. 63:1,8; 42:1-2; Mark 12:29-30)

2. Love for His Company in prayer (Gen. 19:27; Mark 1:35; Ps. 55:17; Dan. 6:10)

3. Love for His Word (Ps. 119:159; John 14:15; Jer. 15:16; Ps. 119:127-128; John 14:21; Ps. 119:162)

4. Love for His House (Ps. 122:1; Heb. 10:25; Ps. 84:10, 7)

5. Love for souls (the lost) (John 15:16; 4:35-37; 21:15-17; Matt. 9:36-38)

6. Love for His people (John 13:34-35; 1John 4:19-21)

7. Love to defend His cause (1Kings 17:1; Dan. 6:4-5)

8. Love to give to His cause (John 3:16; 2Cor. 8:3-4; Ps. 102:13-14; 35:27)
Any love that doesn’t translate into giving is fake!
It is not about volume but about value

1. Your love for God and dedication to God shows in every respect (Dan. 6:3-4)

2. The Holy Spirit is a major instrument for love for God (Rom. 5:5)

Father, thank You for Your Word to me today. I receive the grace to do Your Word now, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I receive the grace to love You with passion, the grace to love You like never before, in Jesus’ Name.

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