The Intentional Mistake – FaithFire Oluwanifemi Ubong

Tunde: Hello dear, good morning, hope you slept well

Esther: Good morning dear, yea I did. Hope you did too? And Happy Valentine’s Day

Tunde: Yea, happy Valentine’s Day. I love you sweetie

Esther: I love you too. Was just thinking about you all night

Tunde: Seriously, my dream was filled with pictures of you. I love you so much you know, and I miss you babe

Esther: I miss you too

Tunde: So what are you doing today

Esther: Ah, it’s you I’ll ask oh

Tunde: Okay, I’ll be back home earlier today around 12pm, can you come around? It’s Valentine’s Day and I wanna spend my time with the joy of my life

Esther : Arrgh, ehn Tunde, you know what happens whenever we meet in closed doors, the last time we promised God not to make such mistake again, and we agreed not to meet in closed doors again

Tunde: We’ve grown beyond that level of mistakes and errors now, we’re matured enough now. I promise you, we’ll never get to do it again.

(At Tunde’s house, after pleasantry exchange, Esther settles on Tunde’s plastic chair by the bed side. Tunde seductively reaches out for Esther’s lap under her skirt)

Esther: Uughn, but you promised, you’ve started again abi, just shift

Tunde: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I’m just over excited seeing you.

Esther: I’ve missed you too

(30minutes into discussion, Tunde puts on a love movie on his laptop, and they both watch with keen interest). 40 Minutes into the movie, Alex’s kiss in the movie with Anita, becomes Tunde’s kiss as it lands on Esther’s lips 💋, hormone rises, becomes uncontrollable. Pants go down in a rush

Esther: Uugghn, hmm, oooohgn, touch me

Tunde : Baby you’re sweet.

(Ten minutes after)

Esther: (sobs) We did it again, (cries bitterly with regret)

Tunde: (Carrying innocent face there like one idiot) Oh my God, have mercy, what have I done again?

See, if you’re still planning to have this kind of conversation today, please I beg of you, don’t. I repeat do not deceive yourself. You know what will happen.

Sometimes it starts with what we call “just a simple kiss”, guard your gates.

It’s Valentine’s Day not Destruction Day. Do not destroy your destiny on the table of pleasure. Learn from your past mistakes. God bless you.


FaithFire Oluwanifemi Ubong

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