God Cannot Lie – Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Scripture Text: Romans 4:16-20

Excerpts from the message:

1. When God begins to deal with you by Grace, He brings things into your life that your wages can’t afford. The best place for God to reveal Himself to you is in your problems.

2. God is going to do something for you that you cannot do for yourself. If you are going to get through the twist and turns in life you are going to need of real faith.

3. Is there anything too hard for God? God knows your thoughts. He knows your requests before you voice them in prayers. Would you believe what you see or what God reveals to you? In your problems, God will show up as He reveals Himself to you.

4. Sometimes you think some things are too hard for God until you experience an intervention that gives you a revelation of what He can do. If you have a revelation, there is nothing too hard for God in your life. Amen?

5. God most often reveals Himself to you in your life’s toughest situations, when you’re in a quandary when you feel nothing is happening in your life. When your situation is negative you become emotionally negative and your soul is easily accessed by your five senses.

6. These negative emotions are not good for the faith you are to move in. God however accesses you through your spirit which is the real you. God moves in the realm of the impossible. In other words, He likes trouble and likes it when you are in difficulty because it is an opportunity for Him to reveal what He can do to you.

7. When you expect what is normal to happen and it doesn’t happen to you, what you need is a revelation of who God is. He brings you into a place where if God doesn’t help you, you cannot be helped. His sovereignty allows it such that you cannot get the help you need from anyone else.

8. You are most sensitive to who God is when you are most tried by life. You are asking Him to move in your life but He is asking you to move in His agenda. God says, ‘I am putting all of who I am on the line to ensure that I bless you.’ When you have a revelation of who God is, it takes your sense of what He cannot do out of the way. Don’t run away from trouble, you need it.

9. When God enters into a contract with you and swears to bless you, He doesn’t struggle with patience because He is eternal. You struggle with patience be because you’re limited. The blessing is upon your life. God says I’ll bless you- you are blessed!

10. If you have a good biblical sense you will bless those who are blessed. If you’re looking for the blessing and you don’t have it, look for an Abraham and bless them, then watch how blessed you’ll become. Never curse your father else you curse your generations.

11. God aims at your posterity when He blesses you. The promise is about your tomorrow, your tomorrow is about the reality that fulfills the promise. The promise is the ground, the premise, by which God reveals He is God and He alone will do it for you. Once God announces it, no devil can stop it.

12. The future exists only that it is not yet existing in your present time. Hence, God raises your eyes so He can raise your game, He raises your outlook so that He can raise your reality because if you can’t see far, you can’t go far. Faith is the substance of what you desire. It has not yet shown up in the realm of your senses, but you know you have it.

13. You are the tapestry upon which He will reveal His glory. Believe that as you step out great things will happen stupendously in your life that people will marvel at how much God has blessed you. There is a promise of God upon your life and you’re going to laugh!

14. As you have faith in God for what you hope for, God doesn’t have to bring it to pass immediately because sometimes He has to get you ready for the desires of your heart. Therefore, you receive the promise in your spirit, mind and you know it is somewhere in your future. The moment you see the promise, get ready to take it by faith.


1. We prophesy laughter with a reason, laughter from a cause, from a deliverance, from the promise of God. You may not have the breakthrough yet, but surely it is going to happen.

2. God is going to put so much laughter in your belly that is going to overflow through your mouth. It is going to cause joy that will have a cyclical effect on you and cause you to have strength.

3. You will laugh last, your weeping days, and your sorrowful days are over. A ridiculous blessing is making its way to your doorstep, and to your reality in Jesus’ name!

Keep faith alive because your breakthrough needs faith.

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