THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 5) – Olumide Fatunsin

Josephine looked in the direction of the third wall clock too and both of them looked at each other.

They started laughing so hard until Pascal nearly fell from the sofa. However, the laughter was cut short when Josephine’s phone rang again.

“Tomorrow? No, it will not be possible. I have a deal in Italy. Next week Monday? Ok. Bye”. Josephine ended the call.

Pascal had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat before she finished the conversation with one of her clients in France.

“Wow! You are still romantic as ever.” Josephine said while gesticulating with her two hands.

Pascal moved near and kissed her forehead without saying a word. They ate the snacks with occasional eye contacts and topped it with orange juice. Josephine tried to liven up their conversation with their old romantic and dirty jokes but Pascal wasn’t in the mood.

After a while, Paco entered the living room without knocking and this action infuriated Josephine. With her pistol pointed at Paco, Josephine railed on.

“I would have shot your big head off. How dare you enter without knocking? Have you forgotten your good manners?”

Paco stood there with sealed lips. She immediately sensed danger and jumped behind the second sofa. The force with which she landed sent a strong vibration in her body due to the wound she had sustained earlier. Josephine lay there holding her breath and held her pistol for any reprisal attack.

However, before Pascal could escape through the emergency window behind the aquarium, he was nabbed and held down by two strangers who stormed the room. He was dragged across the beautiful rug and his head hit against the center table. Pascal struggled to free himself but “The-end-of-the-road syndrome” had rendered him powerless.

The men lifted him and found some traces of blood in his right hand. One of the men removed a broken piece of glass which has cut deep into his hand. Pascal stood there without any struggle. The second stranger slapped Paco again and asked him to show them the whereabouts of Josephine.

Paco didn’t say anything. The man booted him from behind and Paco fell headlong into the sofa. Josephine was watching them secretly from behind the sofa thinking whether to save Pascal or remain silent.

In a flash of thought, she remembered how Pascal rescued her during one of their deadly raids at the border some years ago. Apparently, she would have been killed by the police but Pascal did a batman job by rescuing her and escaped to another country.

She decided to use option A…xO4 among her safety and counterattack rules in this mission. As she tried to lift up herself, the pistol dropped from her hand. Josephine tried to pick it again but she couldn’t. Her hand began to shake vigorously and before she could do anything, she fainted.

The men dragged Paco alongside Pascal towards the staircase. By then, Paco had regained consciousness and he looked at Pascal steadfastly.

Pascal decoded the special eye contact but one of the men sensed a dangerous plot by them. To avoid any strange move, they tied their hands and led them downstairs with extreme cautions. Paco maintained his position behind Pascal as they were led to the main door.

When they reached the main door, Paco deliberately pushed Pascal against the switch and an alarm went off. In a twinkling of an eye, one of the men began to cough and…

To be continued in Episode 6.

Olumide Fatunsin

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