#BookChallenge: Releasing Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe (8 Lessons from Chapter 5)


1. You were created to release God’s potential. The source of a resource determines its potential.

2. God, your Source/Creator, established before your birth who you are, how you should act, why He gave you life, and what you need to live fully and productively. Apart from Him, you will never understand or release your potential, because your potential is wrapped up in Him.

3. God is not impressed when you keep your body free from drugs and your mind free from impure thoughts, or when you give generously, or when you fast and pray. God expects you to act and think like He does because He is your Source/Creator and you are His child.

4. You will never know your purpose unless you figure out why God created you. Only God knows your purpose, because He determined it when He gave you life. You are not an accident.

5. God has determined the resources you need to live a happy, productive life, because He is the only one who knows what you need to meet the demands He will place upon you. If you are constantly comparing your resources with those of other people, you will be blinded both to the richness of what God has entrusted to you and the tasks He wants you to accomplish using what you have.

6. You have the potential to perform great exploits for God. But if you fail to maintain the environment God decrees, nothing will happen in your life.

7. A man without God is a dangerous man. He is literally insane.

8. God’s life isn’t dependent on you. He is alive without you. But your life is dependent on Him. You need Him to find true life. A relationship with God through Jesus Christ, His Son, is the gateway to a full and rich life. He is the foundational key to understanding and releasing your potential. Knowing Him and His intent for your life is the basis for an effective life.

God bless you.

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