THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 4) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa became agitated and ran in their direction. When she got there, the Chinese tourists were gathered to bid two of them goodbye.

When she heard “buyao danxin… Buyao danxin” and saw their appearances, she immediately knew they were Chinese. She had a Chinese friend while studying Screen and Cultural studies for her Master’s program in the University of Melbourne, Australia. Lian took interest in Lisa because of the similarities in their names and her disciplined approach to life. There was a period in Lian’s life that chilled her to the marrow but her words of comfort averted her suicidal thoughts. She later invited Lisa to visit her parents living in Singapore and she was appreciated for helping their daughter.

With heavy heart she left there to continue looking for her son. As she was crossing the road, she saw the taxi driver waving at her to come over.

The taxi driver brought out her luggage and politely declined to wait any longer. Lisa pulled the luggage inside the airport and decided to lodge a complaint. She couldn’t understand how Charlie succeeded to leave her without any notice. She thought he might be playing another prank on her just the same way he did in Barbados. While they were at the beach, he hid behind a huge and tall man talking on the phone. It took a while for his mother to find him mimicking the dark-complexioned man.

As busy as the airport was, Lisa managed to pull the luggage without the luggage trolley. She almost collided with an old man using a walking stick. The man who might be in his 70s looked back and watched her as she dragged along.

She wasn’t balanced emotionally since her racing heartbeat was at loggerheads with her occupied mind.

“Where is Charlie?”

“How did he disappear?”

“Am I so careless?”

“I want my son back.”

With these thoughts swirling around her head like the bees, she still hoped for the best. Lisa stopped suddenly when she saw some young boys coming towards her direction. Her eyes lit up with the hope of finding Charlie among them. She turned in the direction of the boys as soon as they passed her side. Then, a boy gently tapped her,


With excitement, Lisa turned to the right to see who had tapped her.

“Here is your purse.” The boy said while his mother who stood behind him apologized to Lisa for calling her his Mum.

“He calls every woman his Mum. Don’t mind him.” The cheerful boy’s mother said and they left.

Lisa couldn’t reply her but burst into tears when her hope was dashed. Later, a special announcement was made of a young girl looking for her parents. Lisa went straight to the exact place mentioned without minding the sex of the lost child.

Seeing the young girl in their custody, she became worried with tears on her face. The officials tried to encourage her while she narrated her ordeal. They collected the necessary details and sprang into action with the promise to find Charlie.

Her earlier mild headache had become unbearable as the thought of Charlie weighed heavily on her. She later went outside to breathe out the breath of frustration and despair. She tried to play back their arrival until they reached the taxi stand but nothing suggested a foul play.

Within few minutes, she heard a gunfire which made her cringed. Then, a man stood behind her holding…

To be continued in Episode 5.

Olumide Fatunsin

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